About Me

Like many other Baby Boomers, my introduction to shooting was through television shows like The Rifleman and Daniel Boone, wherein marksmanship was portrayed as a skill to be admired. In the real world, my father taught me how to shoot a 22 rifle in the woods around our home in upstate New York. I loved everything about it, and I cherish the memories of our outings. 

The years went by, and I always came back to recreational shooting. I got into pistol more seriously about 16 years ago and became an instructor, earning certifications from both the NRA and USCCA. I specialize in teaching new and intermediate recreational shooters how to practice and develop their fundamentals. I also provide firearms consulting and specialized training to a variety of professionals.

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Introduction to Pistol Practice

Available as a book or eLearning course. It’s the Shooting Range Guidebook that teaches you how to practice!