Whether you are a novice or experienced shooter, new to gun ownership, or perhaps looking for a gift for someone that is, you have probably gone in search of books about shooting.  While the history books about firearms make for great armchair reading, the “How to Shoot” books leave something to be desired; not because their content isn’t accurate or good, but simply because it’s hard to teach a skill that must be practiced.

Pistol Practice presents a series of fun and challenging exercises from which someone can learn how to practice effectively and improve their handgun skills.  I was inspired to develop and publish Pistol Practice because I saw people at the range loading their magazines to capacity and shooting a generic target, month after month and not improving, getting bored, and quitting.  But shooting is a perishable skill! Frequent practice is essential to develop and maintain proficiency. 

This book offers shooters a series of challenges to keep practice interesting and develop your pistol skills. Some challenges are simply fun to do, alone or with a friend. Others are fundamental drills presented in a training plan of escalating difficulty.  Each of the twenty chapters include unique exercises designed to keep practice fun, interesting and productive.  Some of the drills are to be repeated regularly and others are milestone challenges to be attempted occasionally, like splitting a playing card (the book comes with two branded playing cards). 

Pistol Practice is not an armchair book.  The physical format of the book, 6” x 9”, is designed to fit in a range bag and registration provides a PDF of printable targets and scoresheets for use at the range. For those that prefer to watch demonstrations, the 4-volume eLearning course covers all the book material in a video format and includes a PDF of printable targets.

As a Firearms Instructor, I am in the range several days a week. I have worked with hundreds of clients to improve their pistol / handgun skills. While many clients are those seeking to develop shooting fundamentals as beginners, just as many are experienced shooters who want to improve their accuracy or develop their practice strategies.  I have incorporated my style, custom targets, and techniques into Pistol Practice.  Rest assured; the book prioritizes firearm safety throughout. It also includes useful appendices which provide tutorials on aiming, grip, targets, and dry fire.  “What’s in your Range Bag?” provides a discussion on useful accessories and gear for a great day at the range.