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THIRD EDITION.  6″ x 9″ format.  Pistol Practice includes 20 chapters of exercises, challenges, scoresheets and targets that make skill building fun. The innovative scoresheets allow each drill to remain valuable as your skill level advances. Pistol Practice is designed for use at the range, hence the spiral bound format. Each book comes with a PDF of printable targets and scoresheets. Sorry, continental USA only. 

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52 reviews for Pistol Practice

  1. Timothy R.

    I have for years been creating a book like this for myself. I selected some of these drills myself and they really help keep you sharp. It is also good as most newer shooters shoot at indoor ranges and are happy to hit full silhouette size targets. This gives them a challenge.

  2. John B.

    Wasn't what I thought I was getting.

  3. Eric S.

    I'm finding this very helpful for my own personal development and for some of my students.

  4. Vincent S.

    There are many good examples, to help the person fine tune their shooting skills.

  5. Kim M.

    While I have seen some of the drill before there are new drills to try out. Any and every drill you incorporate into to your practices to build up on is a win win situation. Shooting becomes a parishable skill when you don't train. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and build your skill set. Thank you!

  6. Bruce B.

    I've finished reviewing the book. I did get some useful tips and unique practice ideas that I will be implementing in my training sessions. Some of the chapters are similar to the NRA marksmanship qualification program and the author does mention that in the book. Overall, I would recommend the book for instructors to use in their training programs and for newer shooters that want to progress in their skills.

  7. Brian

    Every new drill is something that I can use in class as an instructor. This has drills I haven't found anywhere else up to this point.

  8. Wendy F.

    Pistol Practice has really upped my shooting time at the range. Instead of just putting 50 rounds down range, my time is focused and purposeful. This has really made me a better shooter. No matter what you are working on, -competition, self defense-, Pistol Practice will help.

  9. Robert H.

    This book is a tremendous resource for beginners and beyond. Everything has become way too expensive to not have a plan when going to the range. The exercises in this book should help one focus on improvement and get more enjoyment from range day. It sure beats spray and pray!

  10. KENNETH A.

    Good practice, encourages discipline

  11. Mike T.

    Excellent guided practice with lots of tools and exercises to use range time efficiently. Definitely buy this!

  12. Jason K.

    This is an excellent gift for family and friends who are getting into shooting.

  13. Jane F.

    Nice variety and progression of drills.

  14. Emma G.

    I have dealt with John on both a training and instruction level so far, he is beyond knowledgeable and I am already looking forward to working with him more! I now have the tools I need to improve in my shooting and what areas I need to work on. Thank you!

  15. Edward H.

    Really enjoying it, the methods presented are fantastic.

  16. BarbH

    I purchased the Pistol Practice books to use with our ladies group. Myself and two other certified instructors facilitate the 2A Sisterhood of Tennessee. We have three separate groups, meeting at three different ranges each month. We have one hour of class and one hour of range time at each meeting. Our ladies have varied levels of training and experience, from not having shot a firearm to competing in matches. The information, targets and exercises are spot on for all levels and ages. This book is a wonderful addition to anyone wanting to or needing practice exercises that can be done dry fire or live fire.

  17. Peter S.

    I am a firearms instructor with a private security company in New York and was impressed with the content. I plan on using it during our annual quals. Looking forward for additional material.

  18. Carla L.

    This book is great! It’s so useful for expanding skills at the range, and learning to do things other than just standing there firing at a static target. I like the way it’s set up, including the ability to track progress through the exercises. Worth the money, for sure.

  19. Brett P.

    Great set of drills to both track your progress as a shooter and have fun doing it. Using it to brush up on my own skills while helping my son build good fundamentals as a beginning shooter.

  20. Melinda H.

    Excellent book that does teach you how to shoot better. Love the drills! The book is designed in a way that allows you to build on skills learned.

  21. Joe M.

    I really like to make the most out of my range sessions so I always have several drills and targets prepared before I go. I have several books with drills and practice strategies and I didn't know if this book would be different enough to be worth it. I'm happy to report that the practice lessons are very unique and address techniques I haven't thought about before. The book itself is quality printed, laid out well and will be easy to use. I highly recommend Pistol Practice by John Kolis.

  22. Jeff W.

    I received the pistol practice book a week ago and yesterday I went to the range with that. I printed out two of the exercises from the book and stapled them to my targets. It was really fun to work through the exercises rather than just shooting the same old paper targets all the time. I believe it is the easiest method I have ever used to develop my accuracy and speed skills. I highly recommend this training course. Thank you so much.

  23. Jeff H.

    Accurate shooting is a perishable skill, and good practice is the only way to maintain that skill. This book moves the shooter from "how to shoot" to "how to practice how to shoot."
    I see this as a valuable addition to my shooting journal.

  24. Rudy R.

    In the past, I had no idea what to do when I'd go to the range. I'd punch holes in targets for a while, but without any rhyme or reason. I wouldn't have any sort of plan for what to do on my own except try to remember what I learned from instructors. This book provides exactly the sort of engaging structure I've needed to make me want to get back to the range, and to benefit from each time I do. Plus, its challenges are just fun!

  25. Jim M.

    It’s really helping me out on the range thank you

  26. Kyle W.

    This book is a good training aid for instructors. It is loaded with shooting excises for students/shooters. It is worth the investment.

  27. Joy A.

    I absolutely LOVE this guide! It offers progressive and purposeful practice for both new and experienced shooters alike. This is the kind of strategy that makes the most of every single range visit. As an instructor, I highly recommend this guide to every shooter who is serious about safe and purposeful practice. Thank you, John, for pulling this together and making it available for the benefit of others!

  28. Shawn K.

    I received Pistol Practice and found it to be very well organized, easy to follow and a wonderful resource for shooters of all levels. I am a Firearm Instructor in my Law Enforcement job and a small business owner, teaching firearms on the side and I am excited to use this material with my officers and my students. Well done!

  29. Daniel M.

    Very nice set of practice sessions, set up for increasing skills over time. My wife and I are looking forward to working our way progressively through these skill building sessions.

  30. Tim P.

    Great book to dial in a practice regiment.

  31. Ron C.

    The book is great easy to read and understand. I think it’s a great book for all levels of shooters. I instruct Private Security Guards and am already working on using your drills in the coming classes.

  32. Greg D.

    Great Stuff, a lot of very good ideas all in one place.

  33. J H.

    Just started using the guidebook and I think that it is an excellent tool for the beginner/intermediate shooter. It emphasizes the basics which are the foundation for becoming proficient with a handgun. Thank you for taking the time and serious thought it must have taken to set this up and make it available. Much appreciated!

  34. James P.

    I have not had time to work through the book yet. Thus far the book looks vert good.

  35. William K.

    I learned a tremendous amount reading Pistol Practice and it was written such that a relative novice like myself could easily comprehend. I'm excited to begin putting my new knowledge to work!

  36. Lyle L.

    John really nailed it with this book. It is not a book…….It is a tool / plan. I really enjoy reading prior to going to the range as I can go to the range with an agenda to improve. This book really makes me look forward to going to the range as I feel like I have an instructor by my side providing guidance to become a better shooter. 5 Stars in my book !!!!!! You are wasting ammo if you do not purchase this….. Trust me !!!

  37. David H.

    My name is David Howlett, Head of Trainer support and sales. I have worked at Next Level Training since our company started over a decade ago, we produce the SIRT laser training pistol (Shot- Indicating- Resetting- Trigger. (SIRT) I have had the privilege to work with the NRA and USCCA instructors, Military, LE and different agencies around this great nation of ours. For over a decade I have spoken with thousands of trainers and instructors around the country and have felt the pulse and heart beat of their concerns both positive and negative, with all that said lets get narrow about training. The only difference between a beginner, a novice and a advanced and expert shooter apart from gear, tactics and mind set is executing the fundamentals and getting a high number of reps in to building the neuroplasticity and milanation, what people refer to as muscle memory. John Kolis new book provides a clear glide path for beginners or advanced shooters to practice and execute drills that will allow you to build the neuroplasticity and milanation, so in a life and death situation when your blood gets cut off to your optical nerves and fine motor skills go south -The thousands of reps you have put in pay off. If you are military, LE or civilian we will all fight and perform to our lowest level of training. John has published a book that gives a clear glide path for training and has our SIRT laser training pistol in Appendix 3 page 71. I highly recommend and encourage you to purchase and start your glide path to training excellence to defend protect and save lives, (WHY) because there will be no 2nd place winners when its all on the line. To have no clear training glide path is setting your self to fail, Johns new book gives excellent and clear instruction no matter what level you are at; Remember the only difference between a beginner and a advanced shooter is executing the fundamentals, and getting a volume of reps. Train for the worst, be the best, because there will be no 2nd place winners. The very best to you John and again encourage any one who reads my review to purchase John's book and start your glide path to excellence. Sincerely David Howlett. NLT.

  38. Brian C.

    This book is exactly what I needed to improve my shooting skills. These exercises and approaches to practicing are things I'd just never thought of, and weren't taught in any of the classes I attended. It will also make going to the range more fun. It's certainly given me a new outlook on becoming better!

  39. Hrach A.

    Great value and a must have if your looking to become a better target shooter

  40. peter c.

    The book is informative and has opened my eyes to many issues never considered before. It covers more than the basics. Each chapter provides challenges explaining the why and purpose of the exercise finishing with specific exercises to improve that skill set. I've never practiced to improve both my dominate hand as well as my weak hand.

  41. Jack O.

    An excellent book. The material presented is contemporary, complete, well written and very informative.

  42. Dario

    Excellent resource to train on your own. Lots of great training tips and drills to improve accuracy but also consistency. Great buy!!

  43. Paul D.

    After taking a hiatus from shooting as a novice, I found ‘Pistol Practice’ a great way to reinvigorate my interest and improve my shooting. A clear and fun roadmap to increased safety and confidence at the range !

  44. Jack R.

    As a new shooter, I found this really helpful. I didn’t know what I should be doing at the range. The chapters are fun to do with friends.

  45. Alison T.

    Can’t wait to use these along with some friends… Competition always makes it a little more fun.

    • John Kolis

      Great idea, Alison. Let me know how it goes and which exercises you challenged your friends with.

  46. Barry S.

    A very to-the-point narrative. Takes me to where I want to be shooting-wise. I strongly recommend “Pistol Practice.”

    • John Kolis

      Thank you, Barry! I welcome your feedback is you have suggestions for future editions.

  47. Michael L.

    Great read, time spent at range following the various drills much more efficient and accurate

    • John Kolis

      Thank you, Michael. I am glad to hear you are benefiting from it? Have shot Toby's Challenge in Appendix 5?

  48. Matt S.

    I purchased this book to see if it would be a beneficial training tool as an instructor. The book is very thorough in descriptions, and full of helpful exercises that can improve the shooting skills of beginners, and even sharpen seasoned shooters abilities as well! I highly recommend this book, and will be encouraging my students to purchase these as well.

    • John Kolis

      Thank you, Matt! email me if you are interested in the Pistol Practice Affiliate Instructor Program!

  49. Yvonne S.

    This has been my favorite class I’ve taken this year and I loved the book that I can continue to train. You’re PDF targets have been easy to print.

  50. Rey S.

    I bought this book to help facilitate training my wife and sister to make it more fun and interesting. Total success!, they actually got hooked doing the drills. Thank you for this book!

    • John Kolis

      Thank you for sharing! That was exactly my intention!

  51. Joseph C.

    I’ve just started with this practical, no nonsense book. The exercise are short, simple, and progressive to make range day a productive and inspiring experience AGAIN! Skill building, confidence building, and best of all learning how to make the most of each string of fire as I’m shooting and as I analyze the target. It is like having my own coach in the lane.
    Layout and design of the book makes it a convenient addition to my range bag. Easy to read, easy to use. Helpful guidance and a clear program of improvement make this the least expensive best purchase if you want to be a better shooter.
    John provided no gimmicks but hard work, focused training, the confidence to improve.

    • John Kolis

      Thank you for such a sincere and thorough review! Please email me if I can help you with any range issues, etc!!

  52. Elizabeth H.

    The book offers a wide variety of practice techniques and challenges. It includes actual targets you can use too. It’s great to keep your focus at the range and to help you improve. I highly recommend it.

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