USCCA 2-Hour Seminar

The Legal Use of Force and Violent Encounters & Their Aftermath. At the Weston Shooter’s Club. Click below link to register.

Pending. email me for a private class.

Training Available

I provide training for individuals, couples, familes and small groups in the greater Boston area. Whether you are a new to firearms or an established shooter seeking to improve, I tailor our sessions to your needs. email me

Basic Firearm Safety

Live Fire certificate classes taught at the
Weston Shooter’s Club. Click to register

SIRT Affiliate Instructor

The SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) Pistol is a great training platform. Use my Affiliate Instructor discount code “PistolPractice10” to save 10% when you shop at Next Level Training.

Specialty Training & Consultations

Many clients have unique needs. I have worked with municipal Police, FBI, US Army, and State Department personnel. I have also consulted with politicians, real estate agents, foley artists, and actors. Questions? email me

Gift Certificates / Range Experiences

An introduction to shooting or a range experience makes a great gift! As me about the WWII package! Gift certificates for private coaching are also available. email me